2018 International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health


You will need a Web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or newer and Mozilla Firefox are recommended for the best viewing experience) to complete the abstract submission online. You will be asked to provide a password and you can work on the abstract submission over days or weeks. When you decide you have completed your abstract submission, you "submit." Once you submit, you will receive an e-mail message confirming successful receipt of the submission; this e-mail message will also contain a copy of the abstract submission as received.

The web site is available 24 hours a day until Wednesday October 11, 2017 from any location that has access to the Internet.


This section contains helpful information to guide you through the online submission process. We recommend that you print this page and use it as a reference during this process.

  • You can log off at any time without submitting your abstract and return to continue your work at another time. As long as you do not formally submit the abstract, it can be edited and revised online as many times as you want. If you give your username and password to another person (for example a co-author), that person can access the abstract and make changes or complete it.
  • Abstracts may be considered for oral presentation or poster presentation.
  • The abstract review process utilizes a blind grading system and demographic information collected from the corresponding author will not be considered in the review process.
  • The abstract is to be typed or cut and pasted directly into the space provided on the submission form. Do not include the title of the abstract or the author(s) name in the body of the abstract. The Overview Section is limited to 300 words. We recommend that you cut and paste your abstract from a word processing program once you are sure there are no errors.
  • Verify that your abstract is correct by clicking Preview Abstract.


  • There is no cost to submit an abstract to the system. If your abstract is accepted, you are required to register and pay to attend the meeting and for any costs associated with traveling to/attending the meeting.


  • It has not yet been determined if there will be the opportunity for late breaking abstracts. If a late breaking session is opened, only a very small number of additional abstracts will be accepted and will be of significant findings. You are encouraged to submit your abstract during the regular submission process.