For Students: Navigating a Research Career Path
Moderators: Alejandro Chaoul, PhD, (MD Anderson Cancer Center), Gloria Yeh, MD, Harvard Medical School, Jeff Dusek, PhD, Kripalu; Lanay M. Mudd, Ph.D. NIH/NCCIH

Description: The Navigating a Research Career Path Roundtable is geared toward students seeking or interested in a career with a focus on research in Integrative Medicine. This could also include having some clinical and teaching activities, but the main interest is to be in a position to do research. This roundtable will provide an opportunity to hear about how to get involved in on-going research projects while a student, exploring possibilities for applying for small pilot study funds at academic institutions, and considering applying for a post-doctoral or other training experience in integrative medicine research. The moderators will each briefly discuss their work and career path trajectories in Integrative Medicine and then the session will be opened up into a casual Q&A format. Participant discussion is strongly encouraged, as we want to make sure your interests and concerns are addressed.

For Students: Navigating a Clinical Career Path Roundtable
Moderators: Pooja Amy Shah, MD (Columbia University); Sonia Sosa, MD (Oregon Health and Science University); and Farshad Fani Marvasti, MD (University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix)

Description: The Navigating a Clinical Career Path Roundtable is geared toward students seeking or interested in a career focused on Integrative Medicine (IM) clinical practice. This path may include some research and teaching activities, but the main interest is to be in a position to practice clinically. This roundtable will provide an opportunity to learn about clinical IM training as both a resident and fellow, other types of training such as medical acupuncture and mind-body medicine, and how to fold IM into standard Western allopathic care. The moderators will each briefly discuss their work and career path trajectories in IM, and then the session will be opened up into a casual Q&A format, participant discussion is strongly encouraged.

Philanthropy 101: The Good, the Bad and the Fantastic
Moderators: Francois Adan, MD (University Hospitals) and Susan Carter (Vanderbilt University)

Description: This roundtable will discuss fundraising strategies for integrative medicine and health centers, including creating events for identifying potential donors, writing messages that work, and cultivating known donors. The moderators will discuss lessons learned in fundraising for their programs, what "worked" and what did not, and how to recognize opportunities. They hope to provide the start of a road map and point out how to avoid mistakes, given the importance that philanthropy plays in enhancing the financial sustainability of integrative medicine programs in Academic or Health Care systems. The presentations will be informal, allowing time for questions and for attendees to share their experiences.

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2018

Creative Art Therapies and Health: Early Evidence and Long-Range Promise
Moderators: Emmeline Edwards, PhD (NIH/NCCIH); Wen Chen, PhD (NIH/NCCIH; and Sunil Iyengar (National Endowment for the Arts)

Description: Many current health challenges such as autism, chronic pain, and Alzheimer's disease remain largely intractable. It is likely that a combination of therapeutic approaches will be needed to address these complex conditions. In numerous small-scale studies, Creative Art Therapies (e.g., Music, Dance, Visual Arts) have shown high promise for a broad range of indications. These treatments have no known side-effects or drug interactions and are found pleasurable (but not addictive) by people of different ages and backgrounds. This roundtable discussion will focus on recent neuroscience research suggesting activation of sensorimotor, cognitive and emotional processes while engaged in creative art forms. The moderators will also highlight the barriers encountered by researchers in translating basic research findings to therapeutic interventions. New research opportunities through the Sound Health initiative, a partnership between the National Institutes of Health and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, in association with the National Endowment for the Arts, will be presented.

Lessons Learned about Pain Management: The Power of Integrative Health, Nature, and Community
Moderators: Tobi Fishel, PhD (University of Southern California) and Philip Appel, PhD (Medstar Health, Georgetown University)

Description: This Breakfast Roundtable will focus on the Behavioral Medicine contributions to the treatment and management of persistent pain; Your hosts Tobi Fishel and Phil Appel will discuss their work, their viewpoints and interventions used with this population in an effort to increase awareness of the contributions from Behavioral Medicine to ameliorating suffering in this population. A brief overview of Hypnosis, Guided imagery, CBT, Mindfulness, group work, compassion practice, music/sound healing, art, meaning making, narrative medicine and the healing medicine of community and the natural world will be presented. Participant discussion will be encouraged.

Ayurveda: Contributions to Integrative Medicine and Research Challenges
Moderators: Anand Dhruva, MD (USCF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine); Julia Arnold, PhD, (NCI); and G. Douglas Beech, DC (Bethesda, MD)

Description: Ayurveda is a several thousand year old tradition of health that considers the importance of a balanced body, mind, and environment. It incorporates philosophies of mind/body constitution, optimal digestion, lifestyle, and a pharmacopeia of over 40,000 botanicals along with perspectives on more subtle aspects of physiology and consciousness. This roundtable will provide a forum for discussing the contributions of Ayurveda to the clinical practice of integrative medicine. The Roundtable will also address the challenges of Ayurveda research methodologies, especially for use in cancer prevention, care, and survivorship. The Roundtable may also provide the foundation for developing to an ongoing interest group for further discussion of opportunities and challenges for the scientific study of Ayurvedic herbal compounds/protocols/modalities.

FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2018

Integrative mental health: where do we stand, where do we go?
Moderators: Rogiers Hoenders, MD, PhD (University of Groningen, Netherlands); Scott Shannon, MD, (University of Colorado Children's Hospital); and Ronald Glick, MD (University of Pittsburgh)

Description:This breakfast roundtable is organized to focus on integrative mental health from clinical, research, educational and policy perspectives. We will discuss current issues such as integrative solutions for pain (opioid crisis), mind-body medicine (beyond mindfulness), and the use of herbs for severe mental disorders. International collaboration initiatives and organizations for integrative mental health will be highlighted.

The Integrative Medical Cannabis Forum
Moderators: Mikhail Kogan, MD (George Washington University) and Leslie Mendoza Temple, MD ABOIM (University of Chicago)

Description: The discussion will go beyond the basic endocannabinoid system lecture and delve deep into sharing clinical pearls and navigating complex medical cannabis certification challenges. Participants are encouraged to share their triumphs and challenges on medical cannabis certification in their own state. Or, if this is not available in your state, come learn about the process from colleagues. Early clinician adopters, Mikhail (Misha) Kogan, MD and Leslie Mendoza Temple, MD will facilitate discussion and identify interested clinicians and researchers in this burgeoning field.