The Radical Redesign of Healthcare: The Why, What and How
Tracy Gaudet, MD, Department of Veteran Affairs National Office of Patient Centered Care & Cultural Transformation, USA.

The mission of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is “To honor America’s Veterans by providing exceptional health care that improves their health and well-being.” In keeping with this, VHA has made a commitment to innovate the way health care is delivered by leading the expansion of the current medical paradigm - which is historically predominantly disease-based and reactive - to one that is personalized, proactive, and patient-driven.

It is not difficult to reflect on a time, either in the course of one’s practice or one’s own experience of health care, when the typical medical model fell short - when a diagnostic and procedural approach failed to identify an issue, resolve the root of the problem, or move the person closer to their own goals for well-being. In response, healthcare professionals in America have begun to examine a more comprehensive, holistic approach to health care would serve us - as both practitioners and patients - better. How, then, do we get from the current state to this patient-driven model? The core elements of this approach, as well as the demonstrations underway and the plan for national implementation across the VA will be presented. Specifically, this presentation will delineate the core drivers for the transformation of health care, define the critical elements of a health care system that is designed to empower and equip people to optimize their health and well-being, and describe examples of current demonstrations of this approach and lessons learned.