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Primary Topic: Health Services Research/Cost Effectiveness
Secondary Topic: Research Methodology

Making the business case for integrative health: practical application of economic evaluation.
Patricia M. Herman, ND, PhD, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, United States; Claudia M. Witt, Professor, University Hospital Zurich and University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Late Breaker: No


The purpose of this workshop to give attendees a strong conceptual foundation on the use of economic evaluation (e.g., cost-effectiveness, return on investment, and other types of cost analyses) to make the business case for complementary and integrative health approaches.


  1. To know the basic principles of economic evaluation, including the perspective of analysis, and the different types of economic evaluations and their strengths and limitations for use in establishing a business case.
  2. To know how to identify and prepare effectiveness data appropriate for a business case and for inclusion in the different types of economic evaluations.
  3. Know how to determine types of cost data available to their study, including administrative and chart data, how to estimate implementation costs, and how all pieces come together in support of a business case.

Time Frame

  1. Basic principles: 40 mins
  2. Measures of effectiveness: 40 mins
    1. 20 min break here
  3. Measures of cost and bringing it together: 80 mins


  1. Basic principles: PMH and CMW
  2. Measures of effectiveness: PMH and CMW
  3. Measures of cost and bringing it together: PMH and CMW

Teaching/Learning Strategies

Teaching strategies will include impulse lectures as well as group exercises and group and plenary discussions. Participants will receive written course materials including citations for good references on these methods during the session.


  1. Basic principles: Presentation and whole group exercise looking at examples of published studies and critiquing them from the perspective of their support for a business case
  2. Measures of effectiveness: Presentation and individual exercise considering the likely measures of effectiveness that would be of interest to different business case audiences
  3. Measures of cost and bringing it together: Presentation and small-group work on final exercise where participants will calculate cost-effectiveness and return on investment from different perspectives (i.e., of interest to different types of decision makers) and interpret their results as to their impact on a business case

If the program committee feels your presentation would be better suited for a different presentation type, such as a symposium (shorter format during the main meeting), would you be willing to adapt your presentation to fit the new format?


Who is the target audience of the workshop? Are there particular skills or background that are recommended as pre-requests?

Clinicians and researchers interested in making the business case (i.e., a justification for a proposed project or undertaking on the basis of its expected commercial benefit) for integrative health in their organizations.

Is this workshop proposed by an organization?


Has the content (or substantial parts) of this workshop been previously presented or published (note: previous experience presenting the material may be considered a strength as long as continued interest is anticipated)?


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Workshops on health economic topics have been provided at three conferences. The focus on the business case for IM in this proposed workshop is new and will be provided for the first time.

Herman PM, Witt C. Policy and the Economics of Integrative Medicine. Pre-congress workshop presented at the 2016 International Congress for Integrative Medicine and Health. Las Vegas, May 17, 2016.

Witt C, Herman PM. Including Health Economic Evaluations into Clinical Studies. Pre-congress workshop presented at the 2014 International Research Congress for Integrative Medicine and Health. Miami, May 13, 2014.

Witt C, Herman PM, Latimer N, Weatherly H, Sundberg T, MacPherson H. Health economics in complementary and integrative medicine – recent results and introduction to methods. Pre-congress workshop presented at the 8th International Congress for Complementary Medicine Research. London. April 11, 2013.