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Primary Topic: Research Methodology

Accelerometry for the Mobility Impaired: A Scoping Review in Preparation for a Randomized Study of a Mindfulness Intervention for Physical Activity
Megan N Conlon, MS, , Minneapolis, MN, United States; Roni Evans, DC, MS, PhD, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States

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Adults with mobility limitations are more likely to fall short of physical activity recommendations. In preparation for a randomized trial to test the effectiveness of a mindfulness intervention versus an educational control to increase physical activity in older adults (NCCIH 21 AT009110-01A1), we performed a scoping review. The objective was to assess whether the Actigraph GT3X+ triaxial accelerometer, the trial’s primary outcome measure, could be used in individuals with mobility impairments, which is common in older adults. While the Actigraph GT3X+ has been studied in healthy ambulatory individuals, less is known regarding its usefulness for those that are mobility impaired.

Methods/Session Format

We followed a five-stage methodological framework for scoping studies which included (i) identifying the research question; (ii) identifying relevant studies; (iii) selecting studies; (iv) charting or abstracting the data; and (v) collating, summarizing and reporting the results. To be included, studies had to address a population with mobility impairment including a) the required use of assistive device for ambulation, or b) a physical impairment that leads to altered movement patterns, but individual is able to ambulate unassisted.


The search yielded 1763 articles. When duplicates were removed there were 1445 references, of which 1361 were excluded based on title and abstract. After reviewing the 1445 abstracts, 84 studies were identified for full-text screening, and 16 studies ended up met all the criteria for inclusion. A total of 10 were validation studies, 3 addressed reliability, and 4 addressed cutpoints for determining physical activity levels.


Using validated disability-group specific cut-points and appropriate device placement protocols, we found physical activity can be accurately measured using Actigraph GT3X+ triaxial accelerometers in individuals with mobility impairments who ambulate with or without assistive devices. This is important for ensuring that older adults with mobility impairments can participate in a study of mindfulness, and potentially other complementary therapies, aimed at enhancing physical activity.