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Primary Topic: Natural products/botanicals/supplements
Secondary Topic: State of the science/evidence base for integrative modalities

Medicinal Plant Walk at Jim Duke’s Green Farmacy Garden
Termeh Feinberg, PhD, MPH, Center for Integrative Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States; Andrea Miller, MS(c); Betsy Miller Costilo, MS; Bevin Clare, MS; Michael Tims, PhD, Maryland University of Integrative Health, Laurel, MD, United States

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The purpose of this workshop is to develop or strengthen skills in medicinal plant recognition, research, and use in clinical care. Dr. Jim Duke’s work in cataloguing both ethnobotanical and scientific evidence surrounding the use of medicinal plants in the U.S. is unprecedented and his medicinal plant garden is a unique bounty of the plants he has catalogued.


The audience will be guided in a medicinal plant walk and sensory tour around Jim Duke’s unique garden, and will be encouraged to participate in herb-related inquiry through interactions with tour leaders and plants. The main educational outcome for this workshop is to increase participant knowledge of medicinal plants, including when in the life cycle a plant has the most medicinal properties, which has obvious implications for the efficacy of herbal preparations used among patients in clinical practice.

Time Frame

Together, the leaders will conduct a 90 minute plant walk, and provide 25 minutes for participants to explore the gardens on their own. If Dr. Jim Duke is available to join us, we will set aside 15 minutes for his introduction and host a forum for participants to ask him questions. 


Each session leader has experience with plant identification, evidence-based use in clinical care, and expertise in medicinal plant research and education. All presenters will work together to lead the group and collectively answer questions regarding the variety of plant species, uses throughout history, and current applications in healthcare. In addition to faculty attributes as listed, Dr. Feinberg teaches Herbal Medicine to 4th year medical students at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, both through didactic lecture and by guiding hands-on traditional plant medicine-making. She is an herbal epidemiologist with community herbalism training, is co-investigator on clinical efficacy studies on natural products and herbal dietary supplements, and has had many unique experiences with gardening heirloom variety and medicinal plants and in the herbal dispensary setting.  

Teaching/Learning Strategies

This 2-hour workshop is geared for different levels of medicinal plant expertise, and will be appropriate for training young researchers/educators/clinicians, as well as more advanced skill building for anyone interested in better identifying plants often used in herbal dietary supplements.


Due to the wide variety of plants in the garden, as well as perceived variability of the future growing season, it is not possible to list specific plants which will be discussed. We will, however, prioritize discussion on plants that are commonly seen in clinical practice and will be open to answering questions on ethnobotanical background, current health applications, and potential interactions regarding other specific plants the audience may be curious about. 

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The Green Farmacy Garden has been in operation for many years, and attracts a variety of audiences from across the country. In her role as garden curator of the Green Farmacy Garden, Andrea Miller has extensive knowledge of the plants which will be presented during this plant walk, and has taken part in leading similar walks.