Abstract ID: 3579

Primary Topic: Research Methodology
Secondary Topic: Basic Science

A Hands on Approach to Qualitative Methodology using NVivo
rubi gonzales, B.A; Juliana Cardoso Smith , M.A; Eden Robles, Ph.D, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX, United States

Late Breaker: No


In this workshop, we will be providing a brief introduction of qualitative methodology and its major contributions to medicine and health research. The workshop will consist primarily of building analytic skills in qualitative research using the NVivo Software. Helpful suggestions about the use of NVivo and resources will be provided. Attendees will be strongly encouraged to conduct a qualitative analysis with the assistance of panel members.


Given the contemporary focus on the need for culturally adaptive interventions and treatment in the health field, it is important for medical professionals to understand qualitative methodology. This workshop will be given as an introduction to health professionals who are interested in understanding qualitative research. Professionals who are interested in building their statistical skills can benefit from this workshop. Furthermore, being proficient in quantitative and qualitative methodologies will be be beneficial for professionals interested in conducting mixed methods research. More importantly this workshop aims to merge the fields of social sciences and medicine. The panelists will demonstrate that other fields can utilize a qualitative approach to better understand their respective patients, participants, barriers for treatment access and utilization.


Attendees will also learn the basic and fundamental essentials of qualitative research  and be able to successfully conduct a qualitative analysis using  NVivo. In addition, attendees will also know about the resources available for NVivo users.

Methods/Session Format

(1 hour presentation total)

15 minutes

Rubi: Intro to qualitative

Juliana: NVivo analysis

40 minutes

Dr. Robles (Juliana and Rubi assisting):  Hands-on Approach

5 Minutes

Dr. Robles, Juliana and Rubi:  Q&A/ Resources


Rubi: Intro to qualitative

  • What is qualitative?
  • How it differs from quantitative?
    • Philosophical assumption
    • Theoretical lens
  • Benefits of qualitative
    • Previous clinical/ medicine
    • Opening doors to mixed methods designs
  • Qual in health research - major publications?

Juliana: NVivo analysis

  • What is NVivo?
  • Basics 101
  • Helpful strategies
    • Familiarize with data
    • Develop themes
    • code

Dr. Robles (Juliana and Rubi assisting)      Hands-on Approach

  • Trial download- attendees downloads software
  • Dyad approach - 2 people working together
  • 3 small transcripts
  • Analysis
  • Interpreting data

All panel members

  • Answering questions
  • Providing resources available
    • NVivo website - community forum and support forum

Materials to be Distributed

  1.       Mock Transcript
  2.       Mock Audio
  3.       Handouts describing coding process (also instructions for downloading NVivo)

Special Equipment Request

Due to the importance of the NVivo software for this workshop, we would like to request a tech support present to assist in the downloading of the free-NVivo trial version.

Room Set-up Request

We would like to request a classroom style organization of desks and tables. Attendees should be able to comfortably access their laptop computers.