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Primary Topic: Integrative medicine delivery models
Secondary Topic: Interprofessional education
Tertiary Topic: Clinical skills-building

Exploring Inter-professional Integrative Clinical Care
Sonia Sosa, MD, , , United States

Category: Clinical

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  • Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Richmond clinic opened in 1995 and became a Federally Qualified Look Alike in 2004. In 2012 it became a full Federally Qualified Health Center. We serve a primarily Medicaid, Medicare and uninsured population with a service area which compromises a population of greater than 50,000 people which is both ethnically and socially diverse. In 2015 OHSU and the Naturopathic University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) decided to join forces and create an Inter-professional Integrative Medicine Consult Clinic within Richmond clinic. Richmond Clinic has a model for offering specialty consult clinic sessions to provide patients who are having difficulty being seen in outside specialty clinics a specialist visit within their primary care medical home. We offer these consult clinics for cardiology, ENT, pain, sport’s medicine, podiatry and orthopedics. We sought to develop an integrative medicine consult clinic in this model. The goal of the Inter-professional Integrative Medicine consult clinic was to bring together allopathic medical students, Family Medicine residents and attendings, naturopathic residents and attendings, behavioral health, clinical pharmacists and RNs in the care of our often complex and challenging patients. We aim to offer an Integrative Approach to Richmond’s patient population who otherwise often find it challenging to acquire non-allopathic approaches to care. We also intend to increase inter-professional collaboration between our students, residents and staff and hope to create a care model that improves both the patient and provider experience. This presentation will discuss our process for developing this clinic, what we have learned since the clinic was started, patient and provider reactions, inter-professional collaboration strategies, our evaluative process and future goals for the clinic and for inter-professional integrative medicine at our institutions.


This consultative clinic provides a novel example of an inter-professional and integrative clinical care model. In an era in which the importance of inter-professional collaboration is gaining recognition it is imperitive that we explore models of care in which there is true collaborative care. This session explains the logisitics of an integrative inter-professional clinic, its benefits and challenges. It provides a replicable model of care which can be used in other academic and FQHC settings. In addition, we will begin to explore further areas of research.


  • Explore the development process of an inter-professional integrative medicine consult clinic within a FQHC and academic medical center including how to involve naturopathic providers in an allopathic setting.
  • Examine best strategies for promoting inter-professional collaboration in clinical care.
  • Describe our experience with an Inter-professional Integrative Medicine consult clinic.
  • Review evaluative strategies for an innovative clinic model.
  • Discuss future goals and further collaborative efforts